What is ArKay?

ArKay Beverages - Alcohol Free Liquors

ArKay, the world's first non-alcoholic liquors collection has been rapidly gaining popularity and is pleased to launch this truly unique and innovative drink to consumers world-wide looking for an alcohol-free beverage alternative.

ArKay non-alcoholic liquors are for EVERYONE and can be enjoyed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! since it can be consumed all night long without any intoxicating effects – it contains zero percent alcohol, calories, carbs or sugars!

Individuals with medical conditions or religious beliefs that prohibit the consumption of alcohol can enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of ArKay non-alcoholic liquors! Straight-up, "on-the-rocks" or with your favorite mixer, anyway is a good way to ARKAY! Check out our MOCKTAILS section for creative and classic recipes featuring ARKAY for a non-alcoholic alternative. With the tremendous response from customers and distributors around the world, we promise to bring ArKay, non-alcoholic liquors to a location near you soon.

At cocktail parties, designated drivers, teetotalers and pregnant women often are limited to drinking soda, water or juice – options that can become incredibly monotonous. A new beverage in the market is about to shake things up and open a world of possibilities, giving everyone a chance to enjoy all the flavor of whisky with none of the alcohol, calories, sugar or sodium.

ArKay is the world’s first alcohol free liquor, which means it tastes like liquor, looks like liquor, smells like liquor, but has never been fermented or aged in a wooden cask and contains no alcohol. This version of the popular spirit is ideal for anybody who – for personal, philosophical or religious reasons – cannot drink alcohol or simply doesn’t want to indulge.


The liquor-flavored drink was developed in Switzerland after five years of intense research and a $5 million investment. Currently, it is the only product of its kind in the world. Owner and President Sylvie Grattagliano wanted to create a different drink for people who like spirits but cannot drink alcohol, whatever their reason might be.


The product was introduced to the public three years ago and has experienced consistent demand.

“We soon realized it would be a huge success because people were not only ordering, they were re-ordering – a sure sign they liked the product,” Luna explains. “The demand has been tremendous, first from consumers through our website and then from retailers, major grocery stores and large chains are interested in this product because of its non-alcoholic content”.

ArKay is distributed in more than 33 countries. “We have requests from Japan, from Thailand, South Pacific islands and Nicaragua – from all over the world,” Luna explains.

“Our product is going to be all around the world because we are creating something that nobody has ever done be­fore,”  Luna continues. “We have given people an alternative that did not exist before.”


Although the company has only 12 employees in its headquarters in Fort Laud­erdale, Fla., it occupies a 5,000-square-foot office space in anticipation of its imminent growth. Luna is setting up a network of major distributors covering the entire United States, from Hawaii to Maine.

“We are available in several states, and we are expanding and signing contracts with nationwide distributors,” Luna ex­plains. “We want distributors who carry soft drinks, even alcohol distributors – anyone with enough presence in the market.”

Grattagliano has planned this growth carefully over the last five years. “Our CEO was waiting to put the right people in the right place,” Luna explains, who himself is a 15-year veteran of the beverage industry. “We wanted to be able to launch our product in a professional way, to give it the look and feel of a very real beverage company. We are not a gimmick launched by marketing people – we have a solid product.”


FDA Domestic USA Registration Number: 12044422128 | FDA Food Facility Registration in Mexico: 19847057026.